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Murder Mystery London UK  
specialize in providing   private murder mystery evenings, dinners and weekends
for all over London.
You decide your venue and meal arrangements and we provide the Death!

These can be at any   venue you choose. Landmark location, Hotel, Thames cruiser, Museum, restaurant or Historic location.

Murder Mystery London can tailor your 
murder mystery with a few references
 to your company or staff at no extra cost.

Suitable for corporate Murder Mystery in London and surrounding areas. 
Where better to track down a killer
 and solve the crime than the home of 
Jack the Ripper?

Christmas events.
The murder mystery can be the
 focal point of the evening or utilised
 as an Interim entertainment while 
your guests are dining prior to the 
main dancing and partying of the evening.
The choice is yours. In doing so you are
able to hopefully keep more of your guests pleased with a variation to the standard Christmas party.

Group sizes from 6 to 200 can be
catered for.
Great as an ice breaker or thank
you to your staff.

Murder Mystery London can provide your murder mystery themed to Medieval, Victorian, Gangsters,1960's or modern day. So if you think you can be Sherlock Holmes, Inspector Abbeline, Nipper of the Yard, The Sweeney or the Bill give us a call.

01489 505220

We are part of the Katchakilla ™ organisation and have been producing murder mystery events since 1992. 
20 years of deadly deeds and getting away with murder! Over 40 Intriguing murder mystery plots available.

Fantastic for team building which can be tailored to your team building objectives. Daytime, evening, dinner or weekend.

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Why a murder mystery? 
Murder mystery events are fun but also have a good solid and Intriguing plot. Guests may join in as much as they wish as these are highly interactive. You may theme your evening or have a modern day murder mystery.

Murder mystery has always been a popular form of entertainment be it through the books of Agatha Christie, or more modern day authors, Radio, Television and Film. For example the latest Sherlock Holmes film with Robert Downey Junior and Jude Law. On television many variations on the genre are popular, Waking the Dead, Ashes to Ashes, Foyles War and many, many more. With this in mind a Murder Mystery evening or dinner has a very broad appeal. 
Most people these days feel on fairly safe ground whilst unravelling some crime plot or other.

We come to you
We will come to any location that you have booked for your dinner and entertain and Intrigue you.
Prices start at £780. 
What we would supply for the £780 package Professional actors, detective notes, clues and prize certificates and of course the deadly plot.

Duration is just over 2 hours.

Review of murder mystery on Thames Cruiser:

�The theatrical murder mystery team were absolutely brilliant and everyone really tried hard to get the right answer and when we got back to the hotel they were still debating it all for an hour! 
Our whole conference has been a massive success and the dinner on the boat and murder mystery added to the success.�

Murder Mystery London UK

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